Our Team

When you choose Culinary Catering as your London Ontario wedding caterer you are not only selecting unforgettable cuisine but also a team of dedicated event creators to help you plan every unique detail of your extraordinary day.

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Owner/Creative Catalyst

I feel inspired by every new client that walks through my door which renews my love for this company everyday. The old saying "Find a job you love doing and you never work a day in your life" rings true for me. Knowing that I have been apart of someone's special moment, helped guide them through whatever event is happening in their life, fills me with a sense of happiness.

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Event Creator/Director

I love weddings! Seeing a couple through the whole planning process all the way to the moment they drive away happily married is what I live for. My favourite moment of a wedding is when the ceremony is about to begin and I can feel the rush of anticipation before the first step is taken down the aisle.

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Event Creator/Director

I'm a hands-on person so I enjoy being onsite at an event, making it come to life. I like the fast-pace of the back of house, preparing the meals, but also the interaction with the client and their guests on their important day. Working with our Corporate clients is my specialty as I excel at assessing the needs and wants for any type of event and ensuring it's flawless execution.

This is our team!

Kitchen Members

Back of the house

The masterminds behind our delicious dishes highly focus on exquisite tastes and flavor. The catering specialists strive for consistency, elaborate presentation & translating any theme through the cuisine they invent.